A Powerful Performer Introducing a non-magnetic alkaline battery for oceanographic instrumentation

Auteur(s) / Author(s)

Maria Zaki,

Laboratoire de recherche, DATACELL, France.


Revue / Journal Title

International Ocean Systems,


ISSN: 1471-0188,


Vol: 12, Issue: 2,



Start page: 10, # of pages: 4


Abstact :

Battery power source is a critical consideration for the designer of autonomous oceanographic instrumentation. This supposedly trivial component determines the service interval and size of the instrument housing. When used in combination with a compass for directional measurements of waves, winds or currents, the battery needs to be non-ferromagnetic. This article describes a recently introduced non-magnetic, alkaline battery which offers instrumentation manufacturers and users the opportunity to benefit from considerably improved performance, compared to zinc-carbon batteries, and substantial cost reductions, compared to lithium technology. As a bonus, the new battery is also available in a rechargeable version.


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